English Curry Awards 2024

Tiffin Truck


A fast and funky bar and restaurant where you can enjoy Indian market food dishes alongside Indian craft beers and cocktails.

Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of an Indian bazaar for a speedy lunch or delicious evening meal, to eat in or take away. Our menus have been inspired by famous Indian street food favourites and home-style tiffin lunches enjoyed by workers across India.

Tiffin dates back to the days of the Raj where British afternoon tea was replaced the local Indian practice of taking a light meal at that hour.

Every weekday in Mumbai, where the tiffin tradition began, you can still see hundreds of tiffin wallahs racing around the streets with their bicycles piled high with stainless steel tiered boxes, delivering hot lunches to workers.

Come and see what the Tiffin Truck buzz is all about.You can even collect your takeaway in one of our stylish steel tiffin boxes, for a small deposit.

The Tiffin Truck is brought to you by the people behind NAVADHANYA, which is ranked the number one Indian restaurant in Cambridge on TripAdvisor and is listed in the Michelin Guide 2018.



Tiffin Truck, in Regent Street was voted ‘best newcomer of the year’. The prizes for the 8th English Curry Awards 2018 were held at black-tie awards ceremony, on September 17 at the Copthorne Hotel Merry Hill in Dudley.

Our Inspiration

The restaurant is owned by cousins Krishna Vijayakumar and Arun K Chandran, who also own the popular Navadhanya restaurant on Newmarket Road.

Their new venture aims to bring the Indian tradition of taking tiffin, a lunchtime custom, to the heart of Cambridge.
Navadhanya has been open for three years and is listed in the Michelin Guide 2018.

Krishna said: “We were inspired to bring a tiffin-style lunch to Cambridge after many of our diners at Navadhanya restaurant asked if we could deliver food.
“We thought we could brighten up office lunchtimes with our new concept and offer a more casual style of eating at the Tiffin Truck restaurant.”

Taking tiffin is a famous Indian lunchtime custom, which involves eating a light midday meal that is collected from workers’ homes and delivered to offices in the familiar stacked steel boxes.

Reviews / News

“The Tiffin Truck has brought the Indian lunchtime custom of taking tiffin to Cambridge. The restaurant says that every weekday in Mumbai, the birthplace of tiffin, you can watch hundreds of tiffin wallahs delivering stainless steel tiered boxes to hungry workers”

– Cambridge News

“Diners can choose from a vast selection of Indian market food dishes to eat in or take away. You can even eat your lunch from a traditional metal tiffin box.”

– Cambridge News