SMS marketing is a seriously effective marketing strategy! If you’re not using it? You are missing out! If you want to get serious results, you need the right strategy. Alamin Media sends out tens of thousands of texts and emails each week on behalf of its clients, here we share some of our top tips!

  1. Permission-Based Opt-In
    Ensure that customers explicitly opt-in to receive SMS messages from your restaurant. With our system, your customers have already opted in and they can automatically choose to opt out.


  1. Timely and Relevant Offers
    Send SMS messages with timely and relevant offers such as discounts, promotions, or special menus for holidays or events. Consider incorporating limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency. (Don’t worry, this is where we come in and help you craft the perfect message)


  1. VIP Programs and Exclusive Deals
    Offer exclusive deals or discounts to VIP customers who are part of your loyalty program. This can encourage repeat business and foster customer loyalty.


  1. Reminder Messages
    Send reminder messages for upcoming reservations, special events, or promotions to keep your restaurant top-of-mind for customers.


  1. Localized Targeting
    Segment your SMS subscriber list based on location to send targeted messages about events or promotions specific to each area.


  1. Clear Call to Action
    Include a clear call to action in your SMS messages, directing customers to make a reservation or order online!


  1. Optimization for Mobile Devices
    Ensure your SMS messages are optimised for mobile devices with concise and easy-to-read content. Avoid long messages and include clickable links for more information or to take action.


  1. Take it up a level
    Combine your SMS marketing with Email marketing and your results will go to another level. With emails, we can send reminders, before, during and after a promotion.


By incorporating these strategies into your SMS marketing efforts, you can effectively promote your restaurant, drive customer engagement, and increase sales. Remember to regularly analyse the performance of your SMS campaigns and adjust your strategy accordingly to maximise effectiveness.

Alamin Ahmed

Alamin Media

Alamin Media is the number 1 marketing expert for Indian Restaurants in the UK.  Founder Alamin Ahmed says “You must have an effective marketing strategy to get the recognition from your community you desire.  A strong and active online presence is crucial to tempt in new customers and remind those who have been before how fabulous you are.”

Having a strong brand and effective brand management that appeals to your customer base and draws them into becoming your tribe must be the goal.