At S&E Heating, we are excited to share a success story about boosting our client’s visibility on Google. Let’s dive into the S&E Heating case study to see how we made great strides in improving their online presence. This simple breakdown will walk you through the basics of our SEO work and the keywords that mattered the most.

Keywords in Focus: To kick things off, we concentrated on three essential keywords:

  1. Boiler Service Norwich
  2. Heating Engineer Norwich
  3. Boiler Service Norwich

Our case study will unravel how these keywords played a crucial role in our SEO strategy.

Strategic Steps and Quick Results: Our journey began with some important updates. We freshened up S&E Heating’s Google My Business and YouTube accounts and added keywords to a couple of blogs. Additionally, we created valuable backlinks on platforms like Yell, Yelp, ThreeBestRated, Medium articles, and more.

The impact was swift! “Heating Engineer Norwich” moved from the 6-7th page on Google to securing a prime spot on the first page within just 4 months. Similarly, “Boiler Service Norwich” also made significant progress, landing in a similar favorable position.

Media Boost: Understanding Google’s love for new images and videos, we added engaging visuals to both Google My Business and YouTube. We also took a closer look at the website’s content, incorporating keywords naturally. These simple SEO techniques worked wonders, naturally lifting S&E Heating’s website up in Google rankings.

Visual Progress: Check out the line graph below to see the remarkable leap we made for the “Heating Engineer Norwich” keyword. It’s proof of our successful efforts and the huge improvement we achieved.


S&E Heating’s SEO success story is a testament to the effectiveness of straightforward strategies. By focusing on key keywords, optimising digital platforms, and embracing media, we’ve witnessed significant progress in just a short span. This uncomplicated tale underscores our commitment to delivering tangible results and helping our clients shine online.