Is The Facebook Protect Email Real?

I received an email early morning from Facebook. My first instinct was of caution. Is this just another phishing email scam? You can be forgiven for thinking it is! It’s better to be cautious than sorry!

The email came from a not so familiar email address;

The email reads:

Your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect

Hi (name),

Your account has the potential to reach a lot more people than an average Facebook user. Hackers are often motivated to attack accounts that have a lot of followers, run important Pages, or hold some community significance.

To help defend against these targeted attacks, we require Facebook Protect for your account.

Turn on Facebook Protect for your account by (date). After that, you will be locked out of your account until you enable it.

  • We’ve already turned on advanced login protections for your account.
  • To fully enable Facebook Protect, we’ll check your account for vulnerabilities, and help you resolve them.


The email is legit!

Facebook does have an advanced Facebook Protect feature and it is being rolled out to selected accounts initially.

However, the safest option is not to activate the feature through the button in the email. Instead, log in to your Facebook account. Go to Security and Login and turn on the option from there.

Facebook Protect provides an extra layer of security for accounts Facebook deems to be high risk. It was initially set up to help elected officials, political candidates, and their staff avoid account hacks that could help spread disinformation. Facebook has expanded the program to include those with high follower counts, an association with important Pages, or who hold significance in the greater community.

The program essentially helps people set up two-factor authentication and allows for easier threat monitoring. Furthermore, all Page admins are required to go through the Page Publishing Authorization process, which requires them to secure their accounts with 2FA and confirm their primary country locations to cut down on potential disinformation. Page admins also need to use their real name and can’t have any other profiles on the platform.

Do I Have to Sign Up to Facebook Protect?

In short; YES!

If you’ve been invited to activate Facebook Protect, and if you fail to do so by the date given in the email, you’ll eventually be locked out of your account until you do it. (It won’t be deleted, just frozen; you won’t be able to do anything on the platform.)

The Safest Way to Activate Facebook Protect?

Otherwise, head to Settings > Security and Login > Facebook Protect is Off on the web or Settings & Privacy > Settings > Password and Security > Facebook Protect is Off in the app.


Once activated, Facebook may run some security checks on your account and may recommend for some security features to be enabled.

I Did Not Receive a Facebook Protect Email?

If you have not received an email about Facebook Protect, don’t worry! You don’t need to do anything at this stage. Facebook is expanding the program globally in 2022, but how that expansion will look is still unclear. In the meantime, the most you can do is preemptively set up two-factor authentication, if you haven’t done that alrea