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Restaurant Competitions on Facebook

Competitions and promotions will encourage 'engagement' on your Facebook Page. Post engagement plays a huge factor in who sees your post. Facebook's algorithm determines how much of your audience you will receive and takes into account how many likes, shares, comments and shares your post gets within the first few minutes of posting. Our top tip is [...]

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Curry Awards Success for Indian Restaurants Top 5 Tips!

Curry Awards top 5 tips is brought to you by; Alamin Ahmed, founder of AlaminWeb, members of our Elite Marketing Clients Group have won multiple Curry Awards from the most famous and nationally recognised award bodies. We don't just talk the talk, we walk it. Here we share you our top 5 tips. Curry Awards [...]

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Top 10 Indian Restaurant Marketing & PR tips

Alamin Ahmed is the owner of AlaminWeb, a company focused on providing products and Indian Restaurant Marketing & PR services to an extremely niche market. Alamin's target market is Indian restaurants and takeaways that strive to be the very best in one of the most competitive sectors. Alamin himself gained huge experience growing up and [...]

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